Rapsodo MLM2PRO DIY Golf Simulator Package

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The Rapsodo MLM2PRO DIY Golf Simulator Package is the ultimate solution for performance and affordability in a portable golf simulator package. The package includes the Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor, Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Impact Screen in your preferred size, and choice of hitting mat and projector. 

What's Included:

  • Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor
  • 1-Year MLM2PRO Premium Subscription
  • Carl's Place DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Impact Screen
  • Hitting Mat
  • Projector

Optional Accessories (Not Included):

  • Pipe Framing Kit for DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure (Recommended)
  • Safety Baffle  (Recommended)
  • Foam Insert Kit  (Recommended)
  • Back Cover Kit for DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Back Cover Pipe Kit for DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Net Wall Extensions for Golf Simulator Enclosure
  • Big Moss Golf Simulator Putting Turf
  • Projector Mount
  • iPad, iPhone, or Android Phone or Tablet

Before purchasing, please view the Specifications tab to confirm that the Overall Enclosure Dimensions for the Size you have selected will be suitable for your space.

What's Included

Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor
The Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator is the ultimate edge in precision golf technology. Equipped with two advanced cameras plus Doppler Radar for precision accuracy, the MLM2PRO provides simulation at more than 30,000 golf courses, allows multi-player use with up to 5 players, and provides feedback on over 13 metrics.

  • 1 Year Premium Membership ($199 Value) included with purchase
  • Dual optical camera vision + radar processing for precision accuracy
  • Shot Vision and Impact Vision for multi-option swing replay
  • Newly enhanced simulation at 30,000+ golf courses + customizable virtual range
  • Multi-player use with up to 5 players
  • 13 metrics - 6 measured metrics - including spin rate and spin axis
  • Apple and Android compatible
  • New Quick Connect Feature - Easily connect to a network. Less setup, more golf.
  • Rapsodo Combines - 24 total shots - 2 approach targets - 1 driver target
  • Full functionality indoors and outdoors
  • R-Cloud - Web access to session history, shot videos, and data export
  • R-Speed - Non-impact speed training platform that measures and tracks swing speed performance

    Rapsodo MLM2PRO Launch Monitor front view.

    Carl's Place C-Series DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Impact Screen
    Offering a seamless, turf-to-screen experience with a borderless bottom, the Carl's Place C-Series DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Impact Screen enables you to be fully immersed in your practice sessions. Choose from 6 sizes for maximum customization and to turn virtually any space into a golf simulator studio.

    The Black Nylon Enclosure, Steel Corner Fittings, and Ball Bungees with Zip Ties are included with your DIY Enclosure Kit. Add the Carl's Place Pipe Framing Kit, Safety Baffles, Foam Insert Kit, Back Cover Kit, Back Cover Pipe Kit, and Net Wall Extensions to allow for a streamlined assembly process and for an added layer of customization.

    Carl's Place C-Series DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Premium Impact Screen.

    Carl's Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat
    Choose from the Carl's Place 5'x7' or 4'x9' HotShot Golf Hitting Mat to complete your simulator package. The 5'x7' HotShot is best suited for single player use of the same hitting stance, while the 4'x9' HotShot can accommodate both left and right-handed players with ease.

    Engineered to be joint-friendly and anti-fatigue, the HotShot Hitting Mat enables you to enjoy hours of play without discomfort. The pre-cut, replaceable hitting area allows for swift replacement after you have worn out this section on your mat.

    Carl's Place 4'x9' HotShot Golf Hitting Mat.

    Choice of BenQ Lamp or Laser-Based 4K Projector
    Choose from the BenQ TK700STi (lamb-based 4K) or LK936ST (laser-based 4K) Projector depending on your budget. The TK700STi offers 3,000 lumens with an impressive lamp life of up to 15,000 hours and a versatile throw ratio ranging from 0.9~1.08.

    Upgrade to the LK936ST to experience the pinnacle of golf simulation graphics. Boasting 5,100 lumens and engineered exclusively for premium golf simulation configurations, the LK936ST ensures you can analyze every contour and blade of grass in stunning, full HD resolution.

    BenQ LK936ST 4K HDR Laser Golf Simulation Projector.

    MLM2PRO Features

    2 Cameras. Double the Vision.
    Examine slow-motion GIFs with a high-speed impact vision camera that captures impact and initial ball flight at 240 frames per second. Whether you’ve struck it dead-center or toward the heel or toe, get visibility into every last detail.

    Rapsodo MLM2PRO MyGolfSpy award.

    Shot Vision
    See down-the-line swing videos in slow-motion complete with shot-tracer technology. Pair your device with a phone or tablet to capture an additional video angle, like face-on.

    Rapsodo MLM2PRO user interface with shot tracer.
    A New Spin on Training
    Accurately measure your spin with Rapsodo Precision Technology™ (RPT™) golf balls. The custom designed RPT™ Golf Balls deliver the ultimate indoor golf experience by providing spin measurements within 1% of the accuracy of high-priced launch monitors.

    Your Game. Anywhere.
    Access to 30,000+ golf courses with a customizable virtual range. The MLM2PRO pairs with your phone to give you professional grade, multi-dimensional visibility, a virtual Rapsodo Range, and thousands of Rapsodo simulated golf courses so your game goes wherever you go. Integrated with premium partners like E6 CONNECT and Awesome Golf provide you with additional simulation options!

    Rapsodo MLM2PRO 30k simulated courses.
    Anywhere, anytime, MLM2PRO's form factor and modern design fit in your golf bag and take just a few seconds to set up. Whether you're posting up at the range, or hanging up the net in your garage, get ready to expand the possibilities for practice or play.

    A Launch Monitor Made for Any Device
    Compatible with Apple and Android devices.

    What's Measured

    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO provides 13 metrics including:

    • Ball Speed (measured) 
    • Club Speed (measured)
    • Smash Factor 
    • Launch Angle (measured)
    • Launch Direction (measured)
    • Carry Distance 
    • Total Distance 
    • Spin Rate (measured)
    • Spin Axis (measured)
    • Descent Angle 
    • Side Carry 
    • Apex 
    • Shot Type 

    *Callaway RPT or Titleist RCT Golf Balls are required to show spin numbers.


      MLM2PRO System Requirements:


      • iOS 14 or higher
      • Compatible with iPhone, iPad


      • iPad 2017 and up (must support 1080p)


      • 10.0 Android Operating System or higher (API level 29)
      • Compatible with phones and tablets
      • Device must natively support Google Play Store

      MLM2PRO Space Requirements:

      • Total of 14.5' is required
      • 8' is needed from the ball to impact screen or net
      • The MLM2PRO is designed to sit 6.5'-8.5' directly behind the ball aimed down the target line
      • Taller players may need to place the device further behind them to capture their entire swing video


          Carl's Place C-Series DIY Enclosure Specifications:
          Carl's Place C-Series DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen specifications

          Available in 5' standard depth. The enclosure frame's footprint extends ~1 ft behind the screen.

          EMT Requirements:
          Unless you have purchased the Pipe Framing Kit accessory, you will need to purchase 1-inch EMT (electrical metal tubing) from your local hardware store to complete your frame. Please note, 1-inch EMT is the US trade name of the material, however the true outer diameter is 1.163" or 27mm.


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