Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit

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Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit elevates your golf simulator experience to a new level by providing a fully immersive and permanent setup in the dedicated space of your choosing. Choose from four finishing styles to turn any residential or commercial space into a golf simulator haven. Designed for seamless integration, the kit allows your turf to seamlessly lead up to the impact screen, creating a visually uninterrupted experience.

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Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit.

Seamlessly Incorporated into Your Space
Once in place, your golf simulator becomes an integral part of your room's layout. Its built-in design offers a permanent solution, seamlessly blending into the room's aesthetic. Not only does this enhance the overall appeal of your property, but it also adds value by offering a distinctive feature that sets your space apart.

Maximize Your Room's Potential
A built-in golf simulator optimizes your room's layout, providing ample space for unrestricted swinging and maneuvering.

Enhanced Realism
A built-in golf simulator offers unparalleled realism and immersion, providing the most authentic indoor golf experience available.

Versatile Functionality
Enhance your built-in golf simulator with quality speakers or surround sound and comfortable recliners, transforming it into a fully-fledged home theater experience.


Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit.
Crafted by Carl to Achieve a High-End "Built-In" Aesthetic
Carl’s Built-In Golf Room Kit empowers both residential and commercial users to effortlessly convert virtually any room into a luxurious golf simulator haven. Designed for seamless integration, the kit allows your turf to seamlessly lead up to the impact screen, creating a visually uninterrupted experience.

Standard features may include a Carl’s Place Premium Impact Screen, built-in impact screen mounting kit, and golf simulator blackout panels with mounting hardware.

Ideal for individuals with carpentry or handyman skills, the Carl's Built-In Golf Room Kit is meticulously designed for rooms with straight, uniform 2x4 wood framed walls free of trim boards. Utilizing plywood on walls and ceilings can streamline installation. However, if your space differs from these specifications, customization may be required to adapt the setup to your unique environment.

Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit with golfer and Hitting Mat.
A Golf Impact Screen Designed for the Perfect Fit
Carl’s Built-In Screen seamlessly integrates into your space without the need for any additional pipes. Alongside the impact screen, the kit includes corner cable anchors, pulley wheels, cables, releasable zip ties, and starter panels or hook and fastener tape.

Utilizing releasable zip ties and cabled mounting points, the built-in impact screen provides flexibility in adjusting the balance between ball bounceback and screen tautness, ensuring optimal image projection quality. Once securely mounted, simply attach the screen flaps to the starter panels or hook fastener tape for a sleek and polished appearance.

Crafted with precision at Carl's Place headquarters in Milton, Wisconsin, USA, by seasoned professionals in the golf simulator industry, Carl’s screens are built to withstand the test of time.

Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit Wall Panels.
Enhance Your Golf Simulator Space with Carl's Panels
Carl's Golf Room Panels provide a distinctive solution by dimming and softening your walls and ceiling, effectively acting as your enclosure. Easily attached using French cleats and Z clips, these panels safeguard your walls and/or ceiling from errant shots.

Crafted with an inner core and foam padding, encased in fabric on both the back of the board and the front of the foam, these panels are custom-sized to fit your unique space. Not only are they heavy-duty, ensuring you can swing with confidence, but they also offer peace of mind against wall damage.

Carl's Place Built-In Golf Room Kit with Golf Room Curtains.
Pair the Built-In Golf Room Kit with Carl’s Golf Room Curtains
Carl’s Golf Room Curtain offers a versatile solution for temporarily covering doors or windows, providing an excellent alternative to traditional enclosure walls. Easily pulled out for play and retracted for access, it offers convenience and flexibility.

In commercial settings, these curtains effectively partition bays, creating private spaces where players can concentrate on their swings and fully immerse themselves in the golfing experience. The fabric efficiently blocks ambient light, ensuring a truly immersive indoor golf experience. Plus, its sleek design ensures it looks great from both the front and back, lending a professional aesthetic to any installation.


Installing Your Built-In Golf Room Kit Step-by-Step
1. Prepare and Measure: Review setup instructions thoroughly.
2. Establish the Framework: Install cables and anchors.
3. Mount the Screen: Secure it with cables and zip ties, then adjust tension.
4. Shield the Walls: Utilize curtains or padded panels for protection.
5. Guard the Ceiling: Install padded ceiling panels.
6. Ready to Golf: Your setup is now complete and ready for use.

Ideal Space Requirements
For optimal performance, ensure your space accommodates full swings. We recommend a standing distance of at least 10 feet from the screen, with 7 feet of swing clearance in all directions.

  • Minimum Room Depth: 18 feet (includes 1-foot buffer space behind the screen, 10 feet from screen to tee, and 7 feet behind the tee)
  • Minimum Room Width: 14 feet for tee-centered setup
  • Minimum Room Height: A minimum of 9 feet is recommended for unrestricted swinging.
  • Maximum Room Height: 11'. Must be able to frame out a shorter ceiling if ceilings are taller than 11'.

*If you plan on using an overhead launch monitor, most require the launch monitor to be positioned 9-10 feet in height from the turf to the launch monitor sensor.

Ideal for Installers Skilled in Construction/Trades
To achieve the built-in golf room look, you must:

  • Have a space where a golf impact screen can be installed on an even plane, 1' away from the wall behind it.
  • Be confident using laser levels to align all components.
  • Be able to demo any trim boards that interfere with screen or panel placement.
  • Anchor lag screws into the top and bottom plate of your walls.
  • Have patience to tension and adjust your screen for a perfect fit.
  • For the wall and ceiling panels, you must use a diagram we provide to visualize and lay out the panel placement.
  • Attach cleats to studs in your walls, or use drywall anchors, then hang each individual panel until you cover the space.

To properly install this golf room kit, you must have the patience and technical aptitude to achieve all of the above. If any of this sounds out of your league, shop our golf enclosures.

Technical Specifications
With the Built-In Golf Room Kit, you have the option to install the screen with or without padded panels or curtains, allowing you to customize your indoor golf setup. This kit provides the framework for creating the enclosed space needed for indoor golfing.

However, please note that additional components such as the hitting surface, launch monitor, projector, and electronic device for running the system are required and not included with the kit.


Required Tools for Built-In Screen Assembly:
  • Levels (laser level or plumb line)
  • Ladder(s)
  • Drill and driver
  • Drill bits
  • 7/16” socket wrench

Required Tools for For Built-In Wall Panels Assembly:

  • Levels (laser level and 3ft level)
  • Ladder(s)
  • Tweezers or hook and pick set
  • Pencil
  • Drill/driver
  • Studfinder
  • Drywall anchors
  • Measuring tape



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