Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor

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The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is the only golf launch monitor tested and trusted by Tiger Woods. Equipped with machine-learning enhanced radar, a customizable full-color OLED display, and 4K camera with 1080P output, the Full Swing KIT measures 16 points of club and ball data to help you analyze your swing.

Dedicated processors for radar and media enable the Full Swing KIT to process data faster and more efficiently than other launch monitors. The Full Swing KIT's compact design is able to fit in your golf bag and can be used in your home golf simulator studio and at the course, allowing you to access highly accurate data wherever you are. A lithium-ion battery provides you with 5 hours of battery life so your practice sessions are never cut short.

Experience a seamless user experience without the need for calibration or club and ball markings, simply set your Full Swing KIT down, align to your target using the video alignment feature and begin practicing. Additionally, the Full Swing KIT connects to all of your iOS devices so you can view all of your club and ball data within the Full Swing Launch Monitor App.

Take your game to new heights as you experience the same tour-level accuracy that has been trusted by 15X Major Champion, Tiger Woods since 2015 and the only launch monitor that comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Tiger Tested
Since 2015 Tiger has trusted Full Swing's simulator technology, enabling you to harness the same precision and technology that the 15X Major Champion has helped to develop. Tiger utilizes Full Swing simulator technology in his home studio and through the Full Swing KIT while he is practicing outdoors and on the PGA Tour.

"I know that Full Swing is measuring my golf ball, not guessing it." - Tiger Woods

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor with Tiger Woods.

16 Points of Club & Ball Data
The Full Swing KIT measures 16 points of club and ball data with machine-learning enhanced radar. Utilize the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor free app to analyze and improve your swing with the optionality to re-arrange what data points are shown on your KIT display, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. Track your trends to to see what part of your game needs attention and what aspects have improved the most over time.
Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor App with 16 data points displayed.
4K Camera & Built-In Display
Analyze your swing using the Full Swing KIT's 4K camera with 1080p output so you can review your mechanics in high resolution. The KIT's built-in color OLED display is fully customizable, allowing you to rearrange what data points are presented in a streamlined manner. Experience near instantaneous feedback as the KIT's dedicated processors for radar and media provide you with insights.

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor with tech callouts.

Seamless User Experience
The Full Swing KIT is compact enough to fit in your golf bag so you can take it with you to the course in addition to using it in your home golf simulator studio. Say goodbye to calibration boards, marked golf balls, and club stickers commonly used by other launch monitors. Simply set your Full Swing KIT down, align to your target using the video alignment feature and begin practicing.

Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor on a driving range with golfer.

What's Included

What's Included

  • Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor
  • Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor App
  • E6 CONNECT Perpetual Gameplay Package (5 courses, 16 practice areas)
  • Charging Block
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Protective Travel Case

Full Swing KIT, carrying case, USB-C, and charging block.

Full Swing App Free vs. Premium

Full Swing Launch Monitor App Free vs. Premium Plan.

What's Measured
Full Swing KIT 16 Data Points



  • Tracking: Patented, 24GHz Dual-Mode, ML Enhanced Radar
  • Display: 5.3” Ultra-bright, Full HD (1920×1080) OLED with 16.7 million colors
  • Camera: Full HD 1080p, 60 fps
  • Processor: Dual-core A9
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth® 5.0 BR/EDR/LE
  • Battery: Built-in Lithium-ion 8000mAh; Approximately 5 hours of use (depending on conditions)
  • Carry Case: Light-weight, water and impact resistant


  • Charging Port: USB-C
  • Charger: 45W USB-C; 110-240v, 50-60Hz
  • Charging Cable: USB-C, 3’ (1m)


  • Unit Dimensions: 10.23” H x 6.57” W x 2.32” D (3.74” with support leg extended); (260mm x 167mm x 59mm (95mm))
  • Unit Weight: 4.0 lbs (1.8 Kg)
  • Case Dimensions: 13” L x 8.11” W x 3.86” H (330mm x 206mm x 98mm)
  • Unit, Case, Charger Weight: 5.7 lbs (2.6 Kg)
  • Package Dimensions: 16.5” L x 10.75” W x 4.8” H (419 mm x 273mm x 122mm)
  • Package Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.8 Kg)


Space Requirements

  • Must be able to place the Full Swing KIT 10 feet behind the ball
  • Must have 8 feet of ball flight to your net or screen


  • iPhone® (10 and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
  • iPad® (7th generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
  • iPad® Air (3rd generation and higher), running iOS 14 and higher
  • iPad® Pro (all models), running iOS 14 and higher
  • Apple Watch® 3 or higher, running watchOS 7 or higher
  • Apple AirPods® or most any Bluetooth® headphones

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