Carl's Place Back Cover Pipe Kit for DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure

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Carl's Place Back Cover Pipe Kit provides for a hassle free setup of your Back Cover Kit for your DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure. The Back Cover Pipe Kit contains framing that is designed to perfectly match the various sizes of the Back Cover Kit for the DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure.

This product is an accessory for the Carl's Place Back Cover Kit for the DIY Simulator Enclosure

When purchasing this product, ensure that the size you select matches the size of your Back Cover Kit and DIY Golf Simulator Enclosure.

What's Included


  • Size specific, EMT pipes that are pre-cut to the exact dimensions required for the 'Enclosure Size' you select. No pipe cutting or trip the hardware store is required! Should you not purchase this item, you will have to purchase EMT pipes from your local hardware store to complete the assembly of your Back Cover Kit.
  • Steel fittings to complete the assembly of your Back Cover Pipe Kit.
  • Diagram and instructions to assemble the frame.

Not Included

  • Back Cover Kit
  • Golf Simulator Enclosure or any other components to complete the assembly of your simulator enclosure.


Carl's Place Back Cover Kit Assembly Instructions

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