Carl's Place 4'x5' HotShot Golf Hitting Mat

Carl's Place HotShot Golf Mat Base for 4'x9' HotShot Hitting Mat.
Golf Mat Base (variant name)
Carl's Place Golf Ball Tray with golf balls.
Golf Ball Tray
Carl's Place Golf Mat Tee Pack
Golf Mat Tee Pack
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The Carl's Place 4'x5' HotShot Golf Hitting Mat is a durable golf mat featuring a new replaceable hitting insert for longevity.

The Carl's Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat, is the ultimate solution for prolonged and pain-free golfing. Engineered to be joint-friendly and anti-fatigue, this golf mat enables you to enjoy hours of golfing without discomfort. Frequent sessions on your golf simulator causing wear and tear on your hitting area? Carl's HotShot Golf Mats feature a pre-cut, replaceable hitting area designed for swift replacement.

Drawing from extensive testing involving countless hours of hitting from various indoor golf mats across different styles and price ranges, Carl's Place developed a product that strikes the perfect equilibrium between exceptional quality and affordability.

Designing a Golf Simulator? Look no Further!
No golf simulator setup is truly complete without a premium hitting mat. This mat seamlessly complements our extensive range of golf impact screens, enclosures, and launch monitors.

Carl's Place 4x5 foot HotShot Golf Hitting Mat

Enjoy Extended Golf Sessions Without the Fatigue
We've lost track of how often we've heard that the Carl's Place HotShot Hitting Mat is incredibly comfortable to practice on. Delivering a sensation akin to real grass, the HotShot Golf Hitting Mat is expertly engineered for anti-fatigue comfort and gentle impact on joints.

Carl's Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat Depth


Budget-Friendly Golf Mat
Save your hard-earned cash now and express your gratitude later. This mat encapsulates all the superior attributes of renowned mats, yet costs only a fraction. Furthermore, the included pre-cut hitting area ensures enduring usage by allowing easy interchangeability with a replacement hitting strip.

Gentle on Your Swing
Leave the snapping and crackling to the fireplace, not your joints. The HotShot Golf Hitting Mat is designed to be anti-fatigue and joint-friendly and enables you to enjoy hours of pain-free golfing.

Resilient Construction
Crafted from top-tier fibers, this mat is engineered to withstand rigorous indoor and outdoor use while providing exceptional comfort.

Realistic Feedback
While you might not physically be on the course, the Carl's Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat will certainly convince you otherwise, particularly when you employ an actual tee.

On-the-Go Golf Mat
Effortlessly shift your golf mat from your basement to the garage and even onto the back patio, adapting to your desired location for your golf simulator arrangement.

Ordering Information

Variety of Hitting Mat Choices
Available in three dimensions, each boasting a thickness of 1 ¾". Perfect for catering to individual golfers or accommodating both right and left-handed players within a simulator setting.

Options include:

  • 4’x5' with three holes for rubber tee holders
  • 4’x9' with three holes for rubber tee holders
  • 5’x7’ with three holes for rubber tee holders

Replaceable Insert Optionality
Carl's Place offers the Extra Golf Mat Insert that mirrors the mat's composition and seamlessly replaces the worn hitting zone with a simple lift and switch. 

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