Carl's Place HotShot Indoor Golf Tees (Qty 40)

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Carl’s Place HotShot Indoor Golf Tees are both resilient and adjustable, and they won't disrupt your launch monitor readings.

HotShot Indoor Golf Tees are an optimal choice for teeing up golf balls in your simulator, particularly when your hitting surface cannot accommodate a standard golf tee. These indoor golf tees rest atop the golf mat and can be customized to your desired height.


Adjustable Height Golf Simulator Tee
The tee stands at 2 inches in height, featuring ridges spaced every ¼” to assist in precise cutting. Utilize a pair of scissors to tailor the tee to your driver's desired height. Use another tee, cut lower, to serve as your par-3 tee for iron shots.

Prevent Launch Monitor Disturbance
Colored golf tees have the potential to disrupt accurate launch monitor ball readings. Through testing, we've determined that black tees are the optimal choice for mitigating any misreadings.

Constructed from pliable yet resilient plastic, these tees are compatible with all hitting surfaces, even those that cannot accommodate actual tees. Nonetheless, we advise against their use on concrete surfaces, as it could have unfavorable outcomes for your clubs.

Retrieval Tip
Secure the tee to the hitting mat using a string, preventing the need to chase after it after every use.

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