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Uneekor Refine+ Software is a fully immersive golf practice center right at your fingertips, offering an extensive range of training options. With 5 essential training modes and access to (20) 18-hole courses, you can elevate your golf skills like never before.

Experience the Driving Range, Short Game Complex, Challenge Mode, Course Practice, Stroke Play, or Quick Mode to test your game in a variety of different environments and skill challenges. Whether you're focused on perfecting your short game, mastering wedge shots, or engaging in friendly 18-hole course practice with friends, Refine+ equips you with the tools to practice with a clear purpose.

Uneekor Refine+ Software can be used with any of Uneekor's Launch Monitors including the EYE XO2, EYE XO, EYE MINI, and QED. Refine+ can accommodate up to 6 players at a given time for an exciting multi-player experience.

Please Note: Your license key will be delivered within 1-2 business days for orders placed Monday through Friday.

Uneekor Refine Software Main Menu user interface


Driving Range
Transform your home into a practice haven. Experiment with different ball flights, fine-tune your distances, and apply your skills to conquer your next on-course challenge.

Uneekor Refine Software Driving Range

Short Game Complex
Master the art of flop shots, perfect the bump and run from various positions, and sharpen your wedge game to precision.

Challenge Mode
Hone your approach game from 60-120 yards with some friendly competition. Compete head-to-head with your playing partners and showcase your touch on the course.

Uneekor Refine Software Challenge Mode

Course Practice
Take your shots from various distances on the course. Utilize Course Practice to refine your shots by hitting multiple shots from the same spot, enhancing your precision.

Uneekor Refine Software Course Practice mode

Stroke Play
Put your skills to the ultimate test on one of Refine+'s 20 challenging 18-hole golf courses. Invite your friends for a friendly competition to determine who can post the lowest score.

Uneekor Refine Software Course Practice

Quick Mode
Select a specific area of your game for targeted improvement. Whether it's correcting a slice or fine-tuning your tee shots, Quick Mode offers focused skills training to lower your scores in your next round.

Uneekor Refine Software Quick Mode

Refine Vs. Refine+

Uneekor Refine Vs. Refine+ Course List

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