TrueStrike Single Model Golf Mat

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The TrueStrike Single Model Golf Mat is the ideal choice for golf professionals and is equally well-suited for the everyday golfer. Its compact size makes it perfect for home practice or range sessions, boasting a gel hitting surface that offers a striking experience so lifelike that it rivals hitting off natural turf.

True Strike has earned a reputation as the premier golf mat for indoor use, trusted by esteemed college golf programs, leading indoor golf facilities, and driving ranges around the globe. Discover why dedicated golf enthusiasts, both professionals and amateurs, are gravitating towards True Strike, often described as "as forgiving as the fairway."


TrueStrike Technology
TrueStrike is a groundbreaking golf mat that replicates the play, sensation, and response of a real fairway. This extraordinary attribute is referred to as "fairway forgiveness." Thanks to TrueStrike's distinctive top surface and the subsurface that mimics divots, golfers can now experience a mat that faithfully reproduces the nuances of playing on a real fairway for the very first time.

Top Surface & Divot Simulating Subsurface
Upon impact with a club, the TrueStrike top surface exhibits flexibility, stretching, and gathering, effectively emulating the sensation of striking a fairway. Beneath this top layer lies the Divot Simulating Subsurface, comprising a nylon-reinforced polyurethane cushion housing a closed-cell foam insert and the vital silicone gel. In stark contrast to the rigid foam backing found in standard mats, this cushion enables the club head to seamlessly interact with the playing surface, just as it would on natural turf.

Realism Throughout Every Club
For practicing drives, a specially crafted TrueStrike tee holder and tee are provided. The TrueStrike tee securely stays in the holder upon club impact but can be effortlessly removed by hand when needed. Forget standard length hitting mat tees that don't allow you to set your preferred tee height. TrueStrike allows you to practice just as would on a grass driving range with a real tee and on the course while using the big stick!

What's Included

  • (1) Gel Section
  • (3) Stance Sections
  • (1) Edge Trim
  • (1) Ball Trays
  • (25) TrueTees Short
  • (25) TrueTees Long
  • (1) Tee Receiver


77"W x 52"L x 2⅜"H

112 lbs.

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