The Net Return Split Screen Golf Simulator Screen

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The Net Return Split Screen Golf Simulator Screen is a revolutionary product that offers an unparalleled view of the target or flag while surpassing traditional simulator screens in numerous ways.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with your Net Return Home Series, Pro Series, Large, or XL Series golf net, the Split Screen enables you to practice your golf game without the distracting "booming" sounds of conventional simulator screens.

The Split Screen occupies the upper portion of your Net Return Golf Net, providing you with a downline visual of where you are aiming, while eliminating the bottom 3/4 of where a traditional projector screen would occupy your hitting net.


Precision Visualization
Say goodbye to traditional simulator screens. The Split Screen provides an exceptional downline view of the entire course, allowing you to visualize your shots with unparalleled precision.

Quiet & Focused Practice
No more distracting "BOOMING" sounds from golf ball impacts. The Split Screen ensures a quiet and focused practice session, letting you concentrate solely on your game.

Cost & Time Savings
Forget about costly and time-consuming replacements of full-size simulator screens. The Split Screen eliminates these expenses, saving you both time and money.

Seamless Integration
Designed to seamlessly work with your Home Series, Pro Series, Large, or XL Net Return Golf Net, the Split Screen quietly returns the ball directly to the tee, ensuring a hassle-free practice session without disruptions.

Easy Installation
Enjoy a hassle-free setup with a user-friendly design. Use the provided eight Velcro tabs, and you'll have the Split Screen ready to use in just five minutes—no complex setup or technical expertise required.

Unbeatable Value
The Split Screen offers superior performance at an incredibly affordable price, coming in at just half the cost of a full-size simulator screen. Elevate your golfing experience with exceptional value.


  • Compatible with The Net Return Home Series, Pro Series, Large, or XL Series Golf Net.

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