Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board

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The Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your ball striking by providing invaluable feedback on ball position, swing path, and angle of attack. Its simple premise - hit the ball without hitting the board - helps players of all levels refine their technique and achieve more consistent results.

Gain valuable feedback and improve every aspect of your game, from long drives to delicate chip shots and perfect putts. Elevate your game with the Striker 3000 - your ultimate companion for practice sessions.


Ball Striking Monitoring
Track your swing path and pinpoint the bottom of your swing arc with ease. The Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board helps correct common swing patterns, such as swinging outside-in, by providing visual feedback on your swing path.

Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board close view.

Durable Construction
Made of unbreakable polycarbonate Lexan, the Striker 3000 is built to withstand the rigors of practice sessions. Its portable design allows for easy transportation to the range, while its unobtrusive appearance ensures minimal distraction during use.

Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board with golf bag.

Versatile Use
Suitable for use on the range or on the putting green, the Striker 3000 aids in visualizing and committing to the aim line on breaking putts, improving overall putting performance.

Striker 3000 Golf Strike Board with golfer at address.

Improved Distance & Consistent Contact
Achieve greater distance off the tee by mastering your ball striking technique and achieving consistent club-to-ball contact. Improve your chipping and pitching by achieving better contact around the greens, leading to shots that end up closer to the hole.

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