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The SkyCaddie LX5C GPS Smartwatch uses the same next generation technology found in SkyCaddie's family of rangefinders and features golf's largest and brightest color touchscreen measuring 1.39" with a ceramic bezel.

Powered by an ultra-fast multi-core processor for instant response, the LX5C comes preloaded with 35,000 of SkyGolf's ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy. Enjoy up to two rounds of battery life so you can ensure that you receive the highest quality tracking and analysis on even the longest days on the course.

Next Generation “Smart” Technology Provides The Closest Thing To The Award-Winning SkyCaddie SX500 On Your Wrist
  • The hard-wearing, ceramic bezel is not only scratch and fade resistant, but helps to retain that 'new' look for longer.
  • Golf’s largest and brightest color touchscreen measuring 1.39” (3.5 cm)
  • Full HD graphics for stunning HoleVue® and IntelliGreen® imagery
  • Powered by ultra-fast multi-core processor for instant response
  • Preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf's ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy
  • Zoom and pan for extra detail and precision targeting
  • Patented IntelliGreen® provides exact shape of the green for distances to front, back and any point in between from your angle of approach
  • Digital scorecard and stats with SkyGolf® 360 Cloud
  • Two user-replaceable, soft-touch silicon bands for comfort and best fit.
  • Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi enabled
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Fitness: Heart rate monitor and step counter with distances
  • Battery life: Up to two rounds
  • Includes 3-year worldwide membership providing real-time updates to over 35,000 ground verified course maps and SkyGolf 360 Cloud Service for performance tracking and analysis.
  • 6-month warranty included plus an option to extend to 12 months for $19.95


GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen
Using the same “next-generation” technology found in the award-winning SX family of rangefinders, the new SkyCaddie LX5C delivers all the information you need to play your best golf with a simple, intuitive interface.

Powered by an ultra-fast multi-core processor and featuring a simple touch screen, along with the most accurate course maps in the game, the SkyCaddie LX5C is the simplest way to get yardages you can trust. An eagle’s view of the hole presented in stunning graphics allows you to select the right club and plan your next shot just like a Pro!

Rich AMOLED Touchscreen with Brilliant HD Graphics
The SkyCaddie LX5C offers the industry’s largest color touch screen at 1.39 inches. Full HD HoleVue with stunning imagery provides the best graphics in a golf wearable. Zoom and pan to get all the details you need to avoid trouble and save strokes. A responsive and easy-to-use interface makes navigating during play almost touch-free. Just pan the fairway image up and down to focus on any area of the hole and move the cursor to dial in distances to critical targets.

SkyCaddie LX5C AMOLED display with HD graphics.

Ground-Verified Course Maps
The SkyCaddie LX5C comes preloaded with over 35,000 ground-verified, error-corrected course maps. Only SkyCaddie walks each course to record thousands of points with sub-meter precision because we know that you cannot trust your club if you cannot trust your distances. Knowing and trusting critical distances lets you manage your game and eliminate those 6, 7, and 8’s from your scorecard!

SkyCaddie LX5 Ground-Verified Course Maps.

A Stylish Smartwatch, On or Off the Course
The SkyCaddie LX5C is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Its modern feel and handsome looks make it a versatile watch for use both on and off the course. Customize the watch face with the analog or digital option that suits you. The LX5C’s brilliant AMOLED display allows you to see information on the screen in direct sunlight, and its ruggedized water-resistant casing can handle any weather.

SkyCaddie LX5C smartwatch.

Fitness Features to Stay Healthy
The SkyCaddie LX5C is equipped with some of the same features you’ve come to expect from modern fitness bands: heart rate monitor, step counter, step goals, stopwatch, and timer.

SkyCaddie LX5C features.

Additional Features

Dynamic HoleVue® with Zoom
Slide the crosshair to any location on the hole, revealing critical distances to hazards, carries, and layups. Zoom in on the fairway for a better view to identify safe zones and avoid hazards. Dynamic HoleVue automatically re-orients the entire golf hole and updates all distances from your position to the green as you progress from the tee. Now, you see everything between you and the green instantly and get the distances you need to avoid hazards and play your best golf—all without aiming or missing.

SkyCaddie LX5C with HoleVue.

Dynamic RangeVue®
Multiple yardage arcs on fairway landing areas and greens, allowing you to quickly select the best club for every shot. Start playing smarter and faster from tee to green and save strokes, too!

SkyCaddie LX5C RangeVue.

IntelliGreen® Technology
With SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen technology, the exact shape of the green automatically rotates to match your angle of approach, providing the distances you need to hit more greens and avoid 3-putts. This feature gives you the chance to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity by providing front carry and back distances, depth of green, and distances to any other point on the green—simultaneously.

An enhanced version of IntelliGreen, IntelliGreen Pro, displays major tiers, contours, false fronts, and mounds from your angle of approach to the green on select courses. By moving the crosshair to the ridge lines on the image of the green, you can find instantly the distances and depth information for major tiers and false fronts.*

*In conformance with USGA and R&A regulations, SkyCaddie does not factor slopes or gradients into distance calculations.

SkyCaddie LX5C IntelliGreen.

SkyCaddie PinPoint® Technology
SkyCaddie PinPoint provides the ability to get distances to the pin on IntelliGreen to obsolete laser rangefinders. Simply enter pin sheet or zone information into the SkyCaddie LX5C to get distances to the front, back, pin location, or zone PLUS the depth and true shape green.

All this information is on one screen that recalculates all distances automatically based on your current position and angle of approach from anywhere on the course—whether you can see the flag or not. With the LX5C, you get more information, from more places, easier and faster and without aiming! Try doing that with a laser!

SkyCaddie LX5C PinPoint technology.

Dynamic Front-Center-Back
Provides the ultimate simplicity to get dynamic distances to the front, center, and back of the green from your angle of approach in large, easy-to-read numbers. This simple, but advanced alternative to having a sprinkler head everywhere you hit a ball is only provided by SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen technology.

SkyCaddie LX5C front-center-back.

Intelligent Automation™
Intelligent Automation provides an almost touchless and buttonless experience from the parking lot to the 19th hole. Whether you prefer only basic distance information or want everything the SkyCaddie has to offer, simple on-off settings allow you to have it your way. Intelligent automation makes sure critical distance information is ready before you need it.

SkyCaddie LX5C Intelligent Automation.

Digital Scoring
Score as you play and track stats by hole and round such as total score, total putts, fairway hit or miss, and greens in regulation. Analyze your trends, strengths, and weaknesses in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud.

SkyCaddie LX5C Digital Scoring.

Other Features

  • Time, alarms, timers, and stopwatch
  • Measuring the distance of any shot and learning your club distances
  • Tee box selection and gender
  • Dual green support
  • Toggling between yards and meters
  • Target List View
  • Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking
  • Fitness features such as heart rate monitoring, current step count, step goals, and current step distance

SkyCaddie LX5C other features.

Course Maps

The foundation of unmatched accuracy lies in meticulously crafted, ground-corrected course maps—exclusively provided by SkyCaddie!

SkyCaddie PRO 5X Course Mapping comparison.

Tour Players rely on yardage books crafted from precise ground-level data, not satellite images or flyovers. You deserve the same accuracy. Unlike other GPS rangefinders utilizing second or third-generation maps from third-party aerial imagery, prone to errors like:

Examples of comparison GPS rangefinder errors.

SkyCaddie Refuses to Compromise on the Quality of Your Game to Cut Costs.
While some competitors openly admit to the unreliability of the imagery they use for course mapping, they claim better data is either unavailable or too costly. SkyCaddie, recognizes the inherent unreliability of aerial imagery. That's why they invest both time and resources to ensure accurate course data because we value your game.

Here's How They Do It:
SkyCaddie sends professional mappers equipped with high-grade survey equipment to meticulously walk every golf course. These professionals undergo rigorous training based on the methods developed by Mark Long, one of only two yardage book authors for the PGA TOUR. As a result, SkyCaddie has covered over 100,000 miles to deliver the most comprehensive, reliable, and precise course maps in the industry.

With SkyCaddie, you'll receive instant yardages without the hassle of aiming a laser, overshooting the pin, or relying on guesswork. Our device provides accurate distances to the green, even when it's out of sight. Try achieving that level of precision with a laser rangefinder!

SkyCaddie PRO 5X course mapping.


Technical Specifications

  • Display Size: 1.39 inches (3.5 cm)
  • Body Dimensions: 2.03 inches x 2.28 inches (5.15 cm x 71.12 cm)
  • Case Thickness: 0.63 inches (1.60 cm)
  • Weight: 2.3 ounces (65.2 g)
  • Display: 454 x 454 resolution
  • Water Resistant: 30 ATM
  • Languages: English

Hardware Features

  • Ultra-fast multi-core processor for quick satellite acquisition and fast performance
  • 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen providing a vibrant color display while using less power
  • Bluetooth® 4.2 for dramatically faster wireless data connections than older versions
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n for broad compatibility with different Wi-Fi hotspots at faster speeds
  • High capacity, rechargeable Li-Polymer battery lasting up to 2 rounds of golf on a single charge
  • Multi-constellation Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receiver
  • Water-resistant design stands up to the wettest weather conditions*
    *Note: The SkyCaddie LX5C is water-resistant to 3 ATM.

Package Includes

  • SkyCaddie® LX5C smartwatch
  • Magnetic charging cable
  • Small and large wristbands
  • User documentation
  • Consumer limited warranty and end-user license
  • 3-Year prepaid worldwide membership to over 35,000 ground verified course maps (in promotional packs) and SkyGolf® 360 Cloud service

SkyCaddie LX5C Warranty

  • 6-Month Consumer Limited Warranty: Each new SkyCaddie product purchased in the U.S. comes with a 6-month Consumer Limited Warranty.

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