SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen

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The SIGPRO Premium Golf Impact Screen is the perfect standalone golf impact screen designed for DIY golf simulator setups.

Crafted in-house by The Indoor Golf Shop, these screens are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality.

Featuring double-stitched black vinyl edges and grommets, mounting is effortless and can be accomplished using various methods such as ball bungees, zip ties, or shock cord.

SIG™ Premium represents the pinnacle of golf impact screens, boasting superior performance in four key areas: image quality, durability, bounce-back, and noise reduction.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the SIG Preferred Golf Simulator Impact Screen is an excellent option.


Enhanced Image Quality
The SIG Premium fabric is engineered to deliver superior image quality, ensuring clear and crisp visuals up to 4K resolution. With its thick, multilayered construction and smooth spacer mesh fabric, it minimizes bleed-through and eliminates common issues like grain effect or pixelation.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen corner view.

MyGolfSpy Truth Digest

In unbiased, head-to-head testing conducted by the MyGolfSpy team, renowned for their commitment to providing impartial, data-driven insights to golf consumers, the SIGPRO™ Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen surpassed the industry's leading impact screen. These results underscored the superior durability of the new SIGPRO Premium screen compared to its competitors, while also demonstrating reduced sound and bounce-back effects.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen with MyGolfSpy logo.

Thickest Golf Screen Material
SIG Premium fabric stands out as the thickest and smoothest material available in the golf simulation arena. Comprising two heavy-duty, tightly knit impact-resistant polyester surfaces sandwiching vertical spacer yarns, it forms a unique three-layer surface.

  • Quieter Operation: Vertical spacers act as a cushion, dampening the noise generated by the impact of the golf ball on the screen.
  • Extended Lifespan: The smooth surface reduces the time the golf ball spins on the screen, decreasing wear and prolonging the screen's life.
  • Reduced Bounce Back: The interior surface with spacer yarns absorbs much of the impact, resulting in minimal ball bounce back.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen side profile.

Enhanced Versatility
The SIG Premium screens feature heavy-duty hook and loop Velcro (hook side) sewn into the perimeter of the finished edges, offering customers the flexibility to attach various add-ons. These add-ons include netting, blackout material for enclosure, and foam bumper borders to protect the gap between the screen and frame. Additionally, several of the SIG Impact Screens are compatible with the SIG line of golf simulator enclosures, allowing for an easy upgrade to a full-size enclosure when desired.

For detailed information on screen sizes and dimensions, please refer to the Golf Simulator Impact Screen Specifications tab.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen hook side.


Screen Specifications and Dimensions - Finished Edges

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen 1:1 aspect ratio specifications.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen 4:3 aspect ratio specifications.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen 16:9 aspect ratio specifications.

SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen 16:10 aspect ratio specifications.


SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen Warranty
One-year warranty for residential use covers rips and tears in screen material resulting from golf ball strikes over time. Screen must remain unaltered and used as intended.

Example of improper use: Placing memory foam behind the screen. If using memory foam or weighted blankets behind the screen, ensure there's adequate gap between them and the screen. The screen is designed to evenly distribute the impact of the ball across its surface. If materials like memory foam or weighted blankets are in direct contact or too close to the screen, it concentrates the impact at the point of contact, leading to rapid wear.

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