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The SIGPRO Golf Net serves as both a practice hitting net and effortlessly converts into a golf simulator impact screen.

Crafted for convenience, the SIGPRO Golf Net features a snap-button frame system that ensures easy assembly in mere minutes. With dimensions reaching a height of 7 feet and a width of 8 1/2 feet, plus the added protection of two-side barrier nets, it provides a spacious depth of 9 feet.


Reliability Shot After Shot
Experience unmatched reliability with the SIGPRO Golf Net. Its reinforced net attaches seamlessly over the frame, ensuring a quiet and gentle catch for real golf balls. Swing away with absolute confidence, feeling as if you're at a professional driving range.

Backed by a 1-Year Warranty, the SIGPRO Golf Net offers peace of mind, ensuring your net and frame are covered in case of any mishaps.

SIGPRO Golf Net with golfer hitting by a fireplace and pool.

Versatile for Indoor and Outdoor Use
The SIGPRO Golf Net is an exceptional practice companion suitable for every golfer's home. Its effortless assembly and collapsible design make it a must-have for any backyard. Moreover, its frame system allows for easy attachment of a golf simulator impact screen, catering to golfers who prefer indoor play with a projector and launch monitor.

SIGPRO Golf Net in a basement with golf mat and launch monitor.

Unlock Golf Simulation Capabilities
Enhance your practice routine with the option for a golf simulator experience by attaching a SIGPRO Impact Screen to the top crossbar of the SIGPRO Golf Net to elevate your indoor golfing experience.

SIGPRO Golf Net with impact screen.

What's Included

Included with Your Purchase:

  • SIGPRO Golf Net
  • Golf Net Frame
  • Side Barrier Netting & Sandbags
  • 4" Ball Bungees
  • Optional: Impact Screen


The SIGPRO Golf Net is able to fit into most spaces.

SIGPRO Golf Net with dimensions.
Room Requirements:
  • Width: 10'
  • Height: 8'
  • Depth: 12'

Net Dimensions:

  • Width: 9'
  • Height: 7'7"
  • Depth: 10'

Ensure your swing with a club comfortably fits within your desired space. Taller than 8' ceilings might be necessary depending on your swing and height. You can always opt for a larger space than the recommended room requirements for your setup.

Speak with a Golf Simulator Expert

We understand that designing the perfect golf simulator can be a complex task. Get in touch with one of our Golf Simulator Experts for a free consultation, or to address any questions that you might have.

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