SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure

SIGPRO Side Barrier Netting.
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The SIGPRO Commercial Golf Simulator enclosures represent the latest innovation in golf simulation from The Indoor Golf Shop. Crafted as a robust and upscale alternative to the SIG Golf Simulator Enclosures, these Commercial enclosures are engineered to withstand heavy use.

Available in various sizes, the SIGPRO Commercial Enclosures cater to both indoor golf facilities and residential installations alike. The impact screen features a borderless bottom creating an uninterrupted experience while eliminating the necessity for a bottom front pipe, guaranteeing a secure and deeply immersive experience suitable for golfers of all proficiency levels.

Contact us for a quote should you need to accommodate a custom enclosure size requirements.


Designed for Commercial Golf Simulators
Each size option ensures your projector fills the entire screen, fostering an immersive atmosphere with depths of 10' or even 15'. Crafted with heavy-duty 2" pipe for a sturdy frame, enhanced with pipe padding for safety, and boasting a revamped design for the impact screen, the SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure sets a new standard in quality.

SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure side view.

Various Depths and Dimensions

Tailored for commercial settings with ample space considerations, our range of heights, widths, and depths ensures a seamless fit for your environment. Contact us for a quote should you need to accommodate a custom enclosure size requirements.

Note: Enclosures with less than 10' depth will omit a crossbar. Those between 10' and 13' will feature a crossbar at 6.5' from the screen, while those 15' deep and beyond will position it at 7.5', ensuring stability and optimal mounting for your launch monitor/projector.

SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure 10'5" x 16'3" size.

Commercial Golf Simulator Accessories
Effortlessly attach your golf simulator projector and launch monitor to the commercial enclosure using our mount kits, designed for durability and safety. Transform your space into a fully-equipped golf simulator studio by adding a launch monitor, projector, hitting mat, turf, and PC to create the ultimate indoor golfing experience.

SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure with golfer and launch monitor.

What's Included

Included with Your SIGPRO Commercial Enclosure:

  • SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen
  • Premium Enclosure Tent Surround Material
  • 2" Pipe Frame Kit & Corner Fittings
  • Pipe Padding (Internal and External)

Note: SIGPRO Premium Golf Simulator Impact Screen comes with a 1 year warranty.

Speak with a Golf Simulator Expert

We understand that designing the perfect golf simulator can be a complex task. Get in touch with one of our Golf Simulator Experts for a free consultation, or to address any questions that you might have.

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