SIGPRO 3D 5'x5' Golf Mat

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The SIGPRO 3D 5'X5' Golf Mat is the ultimate combination of durability and comfort. Designed to replicate the feel of a driving range mat, it offers exceptional resilience to withstand continuous swings while providing a remarkably comfortable hitting surface.

Constructed for high-volume commercial use, such as driving ranges, the SIGPRO 3D Golf Mat stands out from typical range mats. Unlike abrasive surfaces, this mat maintains a high-performance, forgiving feel over prolonged use. Additionally, it features 4 tee insert locations and measures 5 feet by 5 feet.


Mat Components
The SIGPRO 3D golf mat employs eco-friendly, waterproof, and heat-resistant polyurethane glue in its construction. Beneath the polyurethane glue lies a layer of elastic fibers, designed to absorb impact and alleviate pressure on the joints. This mat includes four hole locations for tee inserts and is ideally used with various simulator tees.

SIGPRO 3D 5'x5' Golf Mat side profile.

Incredibly Resilient

Crafted from durable woven turf, the SIGPRO 3D Mat offers long-lasting performance, ideal for the practice range.

Recommended Tee Options
Optimal performance with simulator tees such as the Tomahawk NEO, BirTee, or TeeClaw.

Color Contrast
The vibrant green woven turf provides an eye-catching contrast, enhancing the appearance of any hitting bay.

SIGPRO 3D Golf Mat Specifications
Dimensions: 60 inches x 60 inches x 1.6 inches


SIGPRO 3D 5'x5' Golf Mat Specifications

  • Dimensions: 60 inches x 60 inches x 1.6 inches

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