Scratch Stick & Magnet

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The Scratch Stick & Magnet is a multifunctional golf improvement tool designed to help you improve your alignment, putting stroke, and overall golf game, leading to greater success and enjoyment on the course.

The Scratch Stick & Magnet serves as an alignment aid, putting track, and recording stake, offering a range of features to enhance your practice and performance on the course. Made from durable materials, the Scratch Stick is built to withstand the rigors of practice sessions and rounds on the course. 


Alignment Aid
Utilize two alignment sticks to perfect your full-swing shots, ensuring improved accuracy and increased consistency on the course.

Scratch Stick & Magnet address view down the line.

Putting Track
Align your eyes with the hole using the mirror-finished putting stick, while the video attachment allows for swing recording, leading to increased performance in every area of your game.

Scratch Stick & Magnet with golfer putting.

Monopod Recording Stake
Capture your swing from the perfect angle with the included recording stake, leading to improved swing technique and overall performance. Easily attach your phone to the Scratch Stick for convenient recording and analysis of your swings.

Scratch Stick & Magnet recording stake with phone.

Simulated Hole
Enhance your putting practice with the simulated hole feature, refining your accuracy and consistency, resulting in more successful putts on the course.

Scratch Stick & Magnet putting view down the line.

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