Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit

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Achieve seamless ceiling-to-floor projector placement using the comprehensive Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit. Enhance your Projector Mount with the Extender and Ceiling Plate components, granting you the flexibility to establish the ideal drop-mounting height for your golf simulator configuration. Elevate the visual aesthetics of your simulator space with ease.

This all-inclusive kit comprises the ceiling plate, projector mount, and your selected drop-mount extender, providing you with everything necessary for a successful setup.

Flexible Projector Mounting for Your Desired Location
This elegant projector ceiling plate offers the ideal solution for securing your projector to wood joists or structural ceilings.

Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit mount cover.

Customizable Drop-Mount Lengths for Optimal Projector Placement
In your golf simulator or home theater, achieving the right projector position is crucial – not only to fill the screen but also to avoid interference with clubs, balls, or heads. The Peerless Projector Mount Extender, available in lengths ranging from 6 inches to 5 feet, is designed to adapt to nearly any setting. Supporting up to fifty pounds, this extender streamlines projector installation in any scenario.

Drop-Mount Projector Mounting Kit Extender

A Universal Mounting Solution
Experience hassle-free installation for all golf simulator projectors with this versatile projector mount. Accurate tilt and roll image alignment guarantee perfect visual harmony. Regrettably, this precision won't fix a sliced golf shot, but it will keep your setup aligned for endless practice sessions.


Projector Mount
Effortlessly attach to any projector. Preassembled for straightforward installation. Achieve impeccable image alignment with precision-based adjustment knobs. Use independently for flush mount applications or combine with the Ceiling Plate and Extender Column for drop mount setups.

Extender Columns
Ensure optimal projector placement in your golf simulator or home theater – for screen coverage and to avoid any interference with clubs, balls, or heads. The Peerless Projector Mount Extender, available in lengths ranging from 6 inches to 5 feet, adapts seamlessly to various environments.

Ceiling Plate
Designed with professional AV installers in mind, the Peerless Ceiling Plate is an ideal solution for projector installation. It accommodates the extender column, allowing easy installation to wood joists or structural ceilings. Enjoy dual options for cord management – through the mount tube or directly through the plate, perfect for tight installations.

Did You Know?
Discover that you can also directly mount your projector onto the frame of your simulator enclosure for added versatility.


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