Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screens

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Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screens are ideal for beginners and those new to golf simulation.

Carl's Place Standard Impact Screen presents a budget-friendly solution for golf hitting screens, offering unparalleled value for home golf simulators.

Crafted from 100% heavy-duty polyester, this widely acclaimed impact screen features a loosely woven open weave, rigorously tested to endure the impact of golf ball speeds reaching speeds of up to 250 mph!


Crafted with Durability
Carl's Place Impact Screens demonstrate enduring excellence even after thousands of tests with golf balls strikes at speeds of up to 250 miles per hour.

Sharp, High-Definition Imagery
With Carl's Place densely woven, multilayer golf projector screens, you can expect a refined, clearer image for your golf simulator. A seamless, high-definition visual experience fosters an even more lifelike indoor golf session. The realism might just have you searching for a beverage cart!

Custom and Standard Size Optionality
Select from the range of standard-size golf impact screens, meticulously designed to accommodate the most common room dimensions. Refer to the screen dimensions under the 'Size' Dropdown, or the document under the 'Specifications' tab.

Alternatively, we can tailor your impact screen to precisely fit your unique space requirements with a custom order. Simply contact us at

Made to Order
Carl's Place golf simulator screens are made to order, hence the production lead time can vary depending on order volume. To obtain the latest information on product lead time, kindly place the item in your cart or contact us at

Finishing Styles

Every Carl's Place Golf Impact Screen is offered in a variety of edge finishing options, allowing you to tailor it to your installation requirements. Hanging a golf impact screen has never been this straightforward.

Classic Finishing
Every impact screen is meticulously finished with 2.5" black vinyl edges and grommets encircling the entire screen. Carl's Place grommets are designed with a 3/4" outer dimension and a 3/8" inner dimension, featuring a smooth and rounded appearance on the front side.

Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screen with Classic Finishing.

Classic with Flaps
The Classic Finishing Style enhanced with 7" flaps that are bordered with 1" loop fastener strips along the entire perimeter of the screen.

Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screen Classic with Flaps finishing.

Classic with Loop Fastener
The Classic Style enhanced with 1" loop fastener strips around the entire screen's perimeter.

Carl's Place Standard Golf Impact Screen Classic with Loop Fasteners finishing.


Use with Carl's Place DIY or Pro Series Enclosure
Pair a Carl's Place Golf Impact Screen with the C-Series DIY or Pro Series Enclosure for a realistic indoor golfing experience that ensures the golf balls remain securely within the hitting area.

Frame Mounted Screens
Attaching your Carl's Place Impact Screens to any truss system, whether freestanding or suspended, is a breeze using 6-Inch Black Ball Bungees or 9-Inch Black Ball Bungees. You can acquire them in any quantity you require.

Ensure you are Using the Correct Side
Your impact screen possesses distinct front and back sides, with the front side exclusively designed to endure the impact of real golf balls. The side features a Carl's Place logo positioned at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Aspect Ratio
We recommend choosing an impact screen to match your projector's aspect ratio. It's worth noting that Carl's Place Impact Screens are often selected to suit the available space primarily, with projector image alignment being a secondary consideration. Opt for the factor that holds greater significance to you.

Aspect ratio pertains to the the relationship between a screen's width and height. Understanding your simulator's aspect ratio is crucial to ensure that your projected image adequately occupies the screen space. It's unnecessary to construct a screen that surpasses the height or width of your projected image's dimensions.

Care & Use

How to Keep Your Impact Screen Clean

  1. Utilize clean white balls, free from dirt, grass, or markings.
  2. Frequently clean your clubs so turf and rust does not transfer to balls and the impact screen; this practice can enhance aspects of your game, including ball spin as well.
  3. When storing your screen, ensure it's in a secure, tidy, and dry location, especially if you need to pack it away.
  4. If feasible, refrain from long-term folding and storing in a box to prevent the development of persistent creases and wrinkles.

How To Clean Your Golf Impact Screen


Golf Impact Screen Specifications Document
Golf Screen Care & Use Document


How Far Away Should You Stand From Your Impact Screen?

To ensure the safety of both the golfer and the screen, we advise maintaining a distance of at least 10-12 feet from the screen.

Can you Iron or Steam a Golf Impact Screen?
Ironing your golf screen is not recommended due to the potential risk of damaging the screen, and our primary goal is to ensure your golf screen's extended durability. To tackle wrinkles and fold marks, the best strategy is prevention. Upon receiving your new screen, unpack it promptly, and if storage is necessary, fold it loosely. However, if you've reached a section discussing ironing your golf screen, preventive measures might not be applicable at this point. It's worth noting that mounting your golf screen onto a tensioned frame, such as with our ball bungees, and allowing it to settle for a few days can help smooth out most wrinkles.

With that said...

There have been instances of customers successfully mitigating wrinkles and fold marks on their screens using a clothes iron. If you're inclined to attempt this, proceed solely on the material's backside and employ an extremely low setting.

Can You Use Your Impact Screen Outdoors?
Carl's Place Golf Impact Screens are recommended for indoor use only.

What Fasteners Should You Use to Hang Your Golf Screen?
The majority of customers who purchase an impact screen also opt for ball bungees, available in lengths of 6 inches or 9 inches. Ensure the fastening is done in a manner that allows the screen or material some flexibility. For instance, refrain from securing the material directly through the grommet holes, as this impedes the necessary movement to absorb the impact of each golf ball, increasing the likelihood of ball rebound. Avoid over-tensioning the screen; a certain degree of movement must be permitted.

How Many Ball Bungees are Recommended? 
The recommended number of Ball Bungees varies by Golf Impact Screen size. The Golf Impact Screen Specifications Document has a full list of the suggested number of Bungees for each screen size offered by Carl's Place. Add or remove bungees to find your perfect balance of tension and slack.

How Do You Install Ball Bungees?
In conjunction with reusable zip ties, Ball Bungees play a crucial role in fastening impact screens and enclosures to the frame. Designed with flexibility in mind, they afford you the convenience to add or remove ball bungees as required, enabling you to attain your desired level of tension.

  1. Insert the loop end of the bungee through a grommet from the rear side of the screen.
  2. Thread it through the grommet until the toggle ball contacts the back of the grommet.
  3. Draw the cord over and around the frame or pipe.
  4. Secure the cord onto the toggle ball to create a loop.


How do Ball Bungees work diagram

What Size Grommets Should You Use?
Carl's Place grommets have an outer dimension of 3/4" and an inner dimension of 3/8".

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We understand that designing the perfect golf simulator can be a complex task. Get in touch with one of our Golf Simulator Experts for a free consultation, or to address any questions that you might have.

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