Carl's Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand

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Enhance your launch monitoring experience with the Carl’s Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand, designed to align your launch monitor with the hitting area's height seamlessly. Replace the inaccuracies caused by wooden blocks and opt for the visually appealing solution offered by Carl’s Launch Monitor Alignment Stand.

Fine-Tune Your Mevo+ Setup
Achieve precise alignment with a Launch Monitor Alignment Stand from Carl's Place. The adjustable feet allow for accurate device setup, ensuring a direct target line from the device to the ball and screen.

Carl's Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand with Flightscope

Enhance Your Garmin's Tripod Flexibility
Elevate your Garmin R10 using the Launch Monitor Alignment Stand for enhanced flexibility in adjustments. Dealing with an uneven garage floor? Carl's Place alignment stand provides the solution for perfect setup. Attain a level launch monitor for more precise readings.

Carl's Place Launch Monitor Alignment Stand with Garmin


Optimal Sizing for Mevo+ and Garmin Devices
Carl's Launch Monitor Alignment Stand is meticulously sized at 9.25 inches in width, 6 inches in length, and 0.375 inches in thickness, making it an ideal fit for aligning both the FlightScope Mevo+ and Garmin Approach R10. The stand's height can be conveniently adjusted by a few inches using the screw legs, with a maximum height extension of 2 inches.

Sturdy Stand for Longevity
Crafted from robust metal, the platform of this launch monitor stand is designed to withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring exceptional durability over time.

Effortless Leveling
Equipped with three adjustable feet for each corner, the stand guarantees a level platform even on uneven surfaces. The inclusion of a bubble level further streamlines the setup process for effortless alignment.

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