Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain

Carl's Place Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain
Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain (variant name)
Carl's Place Curtain Valence side view.
Curtain Valence (variant name)
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Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain is the perfect accessory to convert a multi-use area into a golf simulator room. The Golf Room Curtain is also an excellent option for temporarily covering doors or windows, or for simply creating a elevated, immersive golf simulator experience.

When purchasing this product, choose your Golf Room Curtain based on your actual Room Height, rounded up to the closest option in our various sizes. All orders include (1) curtain panel. Refer to the Specifications tab for additional info on how to measure the height and depth of your room.

The Carl's Place Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain is sold separately and is required to complete the installation of your Golf Room Curtain. The Curtain Valence is a sleek 10.5" tall strip of black fabric that matches your curtain and covers the track for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and is also sold separately as an Accessory.

How to Use

Safeguard Your Surroundings Outside the Golf Area
Integrate a golf simulator into your garage while retaining your valuable parking space. Alternatively, convert your home office into a golf simulator haven once your work hours conclude.

Whenever the urge to indulge in a golf session strikes, Carl's Place retractable curtain system stands ready to swiftly envelop and shield your environment, ensuring immediate coverage and protection.

Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain setup inside garage with simulator.

Maintain Accessibility to Windows and Doors
Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain presents an excellent choice for temporarily concealing doors or windows, serving as a versatile substitute for extensive enclosed walls. Effortlessly extend the curtain when you're ready to play, and effortlessly retract it to regain access whenever needed.

Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain blocking light from a window inside a simulator room.

Immerse Yourself in the Golf Experience
Premium golf simulator curtains are indispensable components of residential and commercial golf simulator setups. Curtains adeptly divide hitting bays, establishing individual sanctuaries that enable players to concentrate on their swings and become fully immersed in their practice sessions.

Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain being used inside a commercial golf simulator setup.

Easy Installation. Built for Longevity.
Utilizing the Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount, the process is as straightforward as securing the steel track into your ceiling joists. Deciding on the optimal position for your golf room curtain will likely demand more time than the actual installation itself.

Enhanced with sturdy grommets and a weighted lower section, these curtains possess the ability to effectively slow down golf balls over an extended duration. The fabric also excels at blocking out ambient light, heightening the authenticity of your indoor golf experience. An added advantage is its impeccable appearance, showcasing a sleek, professional demeanor from both the front and back, regardless of its placement.

Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain with valence angle view.


Heavy & Luxurious Construction
The curtains are crafted from polyester and feature a velvety brushed finish, adding a touch of luxury to their appearance and texture. Incorporated into the lower hem is a sewn-in weight that imparts substantial heft to the curtains, perfect for your golf simulator setup, aiding in the obstruction of shots. The upper edge, adorned with grommets, is further strengthened with webbing to guarantee their long-lasting durability.

Material of Blackout Curtain
Crafted from a black, opaque fabric designed to block and absorb light, these curtains work in tandem with your projector to deliver a vivid, vibrant image on your impact screen, enhancing the immersive quality of your experience. Their impressive appearance is consistent from both the front and back, granting you the flexibility to install them effortlessly anywhere and cultivate a high-quality golf room with a professional aesthetic.

Retractable Flex-Golf Space
Carl's golf simulator curtains feature a top edge with grommets, enabling them to be hung on the hooks connected to the drape tracks. The curtain track system is equipped with seamless rollers and rails, facilitating effortless retraction. For a refined appearance, there's also an optional Curtain Valance accessory available to conceal the track and achieve a polished aesthetic.

Mount to the Ceiling with Hardware Kit Accessory (Sold Separately)
Presently, the curtains and tracks can exclusively be mounted on the ceiling rather than the wall, utilizing the Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount, which is available for separate purchase. The Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain accessory includes robust galvanized steel track(s), high-quality industrial rollers, stops, and screws, providing all the necessary components for installing your curtains. To complete the assembly process, users will require a screwdriver or drill, a ladder, and a tape measure for accurate placement. Having an extra set of hands from a friend can also be beneficial.


Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount Curtain
You will need one Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount per curtain that you order. Example: If you order (2) 96" depth curtains, you will need (2) Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mounts in 96" depth size.

This kit includes everything you need to mount your curtain from the ceiling and are constructed with a heavy-duty galvanized steel track that's easy to install and use.

Carl's Place Hardware Kit to Ceiling Mount diagram

Curtain Valence
You will need one Curtain Valence per curtain that you order. Example: If you order (2) 144" depth curtains, you will need (2) Curtain Valences in 144" depth size.

The Curtain Valence is a sleek 10.5" tall strip of black fabric that matches your curtain and covers the track for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Carl's Place Curtain Valence diagram


How to Measure Height

How to measure height diagram for Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain

Determine the height of your golf room from floor to ceiling in inches. Make your choice from the provided dropdown menu. If your desired size isn't listed, size up to the closest available option to achieve that elegant floor-draping effect.

Room Height Range: 84"-120"

To fit the ceiling hardware and achieve a nice draped look, your finished curtain will be 2" shorter than your specified room height.

For precise dimensions of the curtain, refer to this Curtain Specifications document below.

How to Measure Depth

How to measure depth diagram for Carl's Place Golf Room Curtain

Measure the distance that you wish the curtain to cover width-wise. We'll incorporate additional fabric width to ensure a graceful drape. Simply provide us with the depth you intend to cover.

Depth Range: 4', 8', or 12' (tracks come on 4' sections)

To achieve a draped look, extra curtain fabric will be added width-wise. All you need to provide is the depth you would like to cover and we will do the math to make the curtain the right width and appearance.

For precise dimensions of the curtain, refer to this Curtain Specifications document below.

Golf Room Size Considerations

  • 10' is recommended between impact screen and tee area.
  • 12'+ of buffer space between the curtain and any wall or object on the other side is recommended.
  • Grommets are placed on the top of each curtain corner and spaced every 5".
  • Are there any items in the surrounding area that you want to protect from errant shots?
  • How much of an extension to the side walls of your simulator enclosure do you want to cover with the Golf Room Curtain?

Golf Room Curtain Installation Instructions
Golf Room Curtain Specifications

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