Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure

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The Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure safeguards your floor projector during your golf swing.

Within a golf simulator, projectors are mounted in find various positions, even on the ground between the golfer and the impact screen.

  • Shield your projector from errant shots
  • Defend against ricochets
  • Turf top seamlessly matches Carl's Place Golf Hitting Mat
  • Organizes cables, eliminating clutter
  • Enhances the aesthetics of your golf simulator

  • Protect Your Floor-Mounted Projector
    Ideal for short-throw projectors, a projector enclosure offers a smart solution. Rather than ceiling installation and wiring for your golf simulator projector, this safeguarding enclosure enables secure floor mounting.

    Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure with projector front view.

    Swing Freely, Without Worrying About the Safety of Your Projector

    Maintain the pristine appearance of your golf simulator and ensure your projector's security through Carl’s Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure.

    Carl's Place Floor Mounted Projector Enclosure with golfer swinging.


    Designed for Universal Projector Compatibility
    Suitable for a wide range of standard golf simulator projectors.
    Dimensions: 8” in height, 17.4” in width, 23.7” in depth. Ensures compatibility with most projector models.

    Efficient Cable Organization
    Maintain the aesthetic appeal of your golf simulator using the side openings for seamless cable routing.

    Robust Build Quality
    The side panels feature sturdy black aluminum construction, with a clear polycarbonate sheet covering the front. The top and bottom components are crafted from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a versatile plastic employed across various manufacturing domains. The top surface is finished with turf for an authentic touch.

    Mounting Recommendations

    Designed for Indirect Shots Only
    This projector enclosure is designed to offer substantial protection against indirect shots, but it isn't intended to endure repeated direct impacts. Please avoid positioning it directly in front of the tee. Optimal use involves pairing it with a projector featuring horizontal keystone adjustment to ensure an off-center setup.

    Projector Mounting Suggestions
    Intended for indoor golf enthusiasts facing constraints with mounting their projectors higher up due to excessively low or high ceilings. Whenever feasible, we strongly advise opting for ceiling-mounted projectors.


    • Dimensions: 8” in height, 17.4” in width, 23.7” in depth

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