Carl's Place Extra Golf Mat Insert

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Stay at the top of your game with the Carl's Place Extra Golf Mat Insert.

Over time, the hitting area on your golf mat is likely to experience wear and tear – an inevitable outcome when you're consistently striking hundreds of balls from it every week. Rather than investing in an entirely new hitting mat, Carl's Place introduced a solution that's both convenient and economical: The Extra Golf Mat Insert.

For those who own Carl’s Place HotShot Golf Hitting Mat, the process is simple – just remove the old hitting area and seamlessly install the new one. Even if you possess a different brand of hitting mat, there's still an option for you. By removing the worn-out segment and incorporating one of our golf mat inserts, you can easily refresh your practice space without breaking the bank.


Simplified Replacement of Golf Mat Hitting Area
Regardless of whether you possess a Carl’s HotShot Golf Hitting Mat or another brand, the process of rejuvenating your worn-out hitting area becomes straightforward when you simply use the Extra Golf Mat Insert.

Gentle on Joints
Similar to the construction of Carl’s Hitting Mats, the 1.75” thick replacement insert offers a soft and cushioned surface, enabling you to sustain your swings without discomfort.

Compatible with Various Tees
Equipped with three holes designed to accommodate rubber tee receivers, you also have the option of directly inserting your regular tee into the replacement insert.

Tailored Fit for Carl's HotShot Golf Hitting Mats
Dimensions: 30 inches in length, 12 inches in width, and 1.75 inches in height. Package includes hitting area insert exclusively. Golf mat not provided.

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