Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Package

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The Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure package is the premier choice for high-end commercial and luxury home golf simulator installations. The package is the ultimate one-click option to complete your simulator studio and is the pinnacle of enclosure options on the market.

The package consists of the Carl's Place Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure, Premium Impact Screen and all of the recommended accessories including the Foam Insert Kit, Safety Baffles, Back Cover Kit, and Pipe Framing Kit.

Avoid the hassle of deciding which accessories to add to your Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure, Indoor Golf Outlet has packaged our preferred setup configuration to create this all inclusive enclosure package.

Offering a seamless, turf-to-screen experience with a borderless bottom, you will be fully immersed in your practice sessions. The new C-Series design has been reimagined to eliminate excessive rebound while ensuring an undisturbed and flawless golf atmosphere.

The Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure is offered in 6 sizes and 4 enclosure depths to accommodate virtually any space requirement. The impact screen is Carl's Place's highest quality, three layer heavy-duty Premium Impact Screen, which is the smoothest surface available on a full-impact material.

Please note: The Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Package does not come with a hitting mat, putting turf, launch monitor, projector, or software. The package only contains the necessary components and accessories to fully complete your simulator enclosure.

Before purchasing, please view the Specifications tab to confirm that the Overall Enclosure Dimensions for the Listing Size that you have selected will be suitable for your space.

What's Included

Premium Golf Impact Screen Material
Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen is the highest quality and smoothest surface available on a full-impact material. Constructed of three layers of heavy-duty, tight-knit impact-resistant polyester, you will have confidence knowing that you will be able to project the highest image quality on your screen that can withstand even the highest ball speeds.

Carl's Place Premium Golf Impact Screen close view.

Pipe Framing Kit & Connector Fittings
Size specific 2" EMT pipes that are pre-cut to the exact length required to fit your enclosure dimensions are included, along with connector fittings to connect the framing pipes. No pipe cutting or trip to the hardware store is required.

Carl's Place Pipe Framing Kit

Foam Inserts
The Foam Insert Kit protects your enclosure frame from errant shots. The foam inserts are the perfect length and profile for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure to give you extra peace of mind while hitting balls knowing that you will not damage your frame.

Foam Inserts being installed on the Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit.

Safety Baffles
Two Safety Baffles are included to protect the ceiling of your simulator enclosure while hitting higher shots. They are positioned across the width of your simulator enclosure on the ceiling and hang downward to catch and deflect high-angle shots that may bounce off the simulator screen.

Safety Baffles for the Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit.

Back Cover Kit & Back Cover Pipe Kit
The Back Cover Kit protects from any intruding light on the rear portion of your simulator enclosure. The Back Cover Kit ensures that you will achieve the highest projected image quality while also providing your simulator enclosure with a polished appearance so none of the rear framing is exposed. 

Carl's Place Back Cover Kit for the Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure.

Black Knit Enclosure
Black knit fabric provides for a tough surface to catch any stray shots that attempt to leave the simulator. The dark color also shades your screen to allow for a bright contrast, clear image that is projected on your screen.

Ball Bungees and Zip Ties
All of the fasteners you need to secure your enclosure and screen are included. Releasable zip ties provide you with an abundance of options for tensioning your impact screen. Enough ball bungees are included so you can experiment with finding the perfect balance of tension and slack for your screen. How close you are hitting to the screen, ball speed, clubs, and spin rate all impact the responsiveness and acoustics of your screen.

Carl's Place 9-inch black ball bungees.


Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit with Impact Screen specifications

Available in 5', 8', 10', and 15' standard depths. The enclosure frame's footprint extends ~1 ft behind the screen.

Shipping Information
Your Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Package ships freight at an additional cost. Someone must be present at delivery and assume responsibility for unloading the pallet, or be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of delivery. The heaviest box weighs ~50 lbs.

*Customers who are unable to unload the pallet box-by-box should add lift gate service. Please contact to arrange for this.



Carl's Place C-Series Pro Golf Simulator Enclosure Kit Assembly Instructions & User Manual


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