Carl's Place 6-Inch Black Ball Bungees

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Carl's Place 6-Inch Black Ball Bungees are used for attaching your completed edge impact screen to a truss system, whether it's freestanding or part of a hanging kit.

The Black Ball Bungees provide a solution to secure your grommeted screen to your enclosure or frame.


Durable & High Quality Materials
Discover the superiority of these 6" Ball Bungees with toggle balls from Carl's Place. Crafted from premium virgin rubber, these bungees are engineered for long-lasting resilience, resisting fraying and stretching. All this quality comes at a competitive price that outperforms alternatives of lesser quality.

Ease of Attachment & Removal
Tailored for compatibility with Carl's Place projection screens and golf impact screens, these bungees effortlessly affix, detach, and modify any of our screens featuring grommets.

Effortless Tension Control
The straightforward addition and removal of bungees facilitate the adjustment of our screens. By employing more bungees, you achieve a tighter screen, while reducing their number results in a more relaxed screen. This aspect becomes especially critical with golf impact screens, where an excessively tight screen can lead to undesirable bounceback. To strike the perfect balance between tension and flexibility, consider removing bungees, particularly along the bottom portion.

Available in Any Quantity
Each 6" cord comes with a single ball, and these black bungee cords are offered in any desired quantity.


How Do You Install Ball Bungees?
In conjunction with reusable zip ties, Ball Bungees play a crucial role in fastening impact screens and enclosures to the frame. Designed with flexibility in mind, they afford you the convenience to add or remove ball bungees as required, enabling you to attain your desired level of tension.

  1. Insert the loop end of the bungee through a grommet from the rear side of the screen.
  2. Thread it through the grommet until the toggle ball contacts the back of the grommet.
  3. Draw the cord over and around the frame or pipe.
  4. Secure the cord onto the toggle ball to create a loop.

Carl's Place 6-Inch Black Ball Bungees installation diagram.

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