Big Moss True Launch PLUS Hitting Mat - 4'x9'

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True Launch Return Ramp
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The Big Moss True Launch PLUS Hitting Mat - 4'x9' is ideal for creating righty/lefty hitting bays designed for comprehensive full swing practice. The True Launch PLUS features a 1 3/4" mat height, providing the golfer with increased mat thickness, comfort and cushion for an elevated practice experience.

The set includes two 4'x4' mats and two 1'x4' reversible hitting strips, ensuring extended durability and versatility. With a minimum of 4 distinct wear areas, these mats offer a long-lasting solution.

The mats boast superior durability and versatility, making them suitable for hitting, pitching, and chipping. Constructed with a high-impact 5/8-inch foam base, they provide excellent shock absorption, enabling a descending blow and delivering realistic feedback for full swings, chips, and pitches while minimizing impact on joints.

Rotatable in all directions, these mats maintain consistent performance even after prolonged use. Ground stability during full swings is unparalleled, ensuring that your feet remain firmly planted without any slipping or floating sensation. For enhanced stability, double-faced tape is included in the kit, allowing you to secure the mat for an optimal experience.

Each True Launch Hitting Mat comes equipped with rubber hitting tees and a golf ball tray to provide for a seamless practice experience.

What's Included

  • (2) 4'x4' True Launch PLUS mats
  • (2) 1'x4' hitting strips
  • Rubber hitting tees
  • Golf ball tray
  • Seam tape


  • Dimensions: 4'x9' fully assembled
  • Mat Height: 1 3/4"

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